JOHN VALBY aka DR DIRTY will make that special personal in your life LAUGH with a personalized song made just for you. John Valby will record an original song to the tune of "HEY LADE". The song will feature two versions. All you do is tell us what the person's name is, and if it is a gift for a holiday, birthday, anniversary, or whatever the occasion is. John will record the song in his studio, then we will create a custom made CD for that person with their name on the CD along with John's name. Whether it is a guy or a girl, John will give it his personal attention. WARNING: The content of the song will contain explicit language and may be offensive to some people. If this is a problem, we can "clean" up the song for you. Let us know the person's name and what you want the CD text to say!

LaughDome Records is the official record company for John Valby. We will need a minimum of ten days to process your order as John will record the song(s) during the week when he is not on tour.

The price of this wonderful gift is $50.00. This is an introductory price and may change as we get closer to the holiday season.

Here is a sample of the song and all John will do is change the lyrics to the name of the person! Enjoy!