As the title implies, this is two CDs worth of songs contained on one disc. Some of John Valby's most requested songs are on this one featuring the hit singles: "My Dick Is Small", "Elton John", "Robocock", "Hey Lade", "Brady Bunch", and many more. A real bargain!


Track Listings:

1. Ain't No Pussy

2. Don't Worry

3. Has Anybody Seen

4. My Dick Is Small

5. Roll Your Leg Over

6. Who Gives A Fuck

7. Dagos, Jews, Krauts

8. Elton John

9. TV Stuff

10. Buttfuck Bunch

11. Candy Bar Poem

12. Robocop

13. Hey Lade

14. Supercalifragilisitic 2

15. Part-Time

16. K-Mart

17. Mayberry

18. Brady Bunch

19. Mexicans

20. Ya-Ya (new)

21. Who Gives A Fuck 3

22. Gangbang 6

23. Archie Bunker

24. Blue Blue

25. Stand Up And Cheer

26. Moon River

27. Whoa Whoa

28. Johnny B. Bad

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