Living arrangements: At present, John Valby lives in his suburban Buffalo, NY home with his wife and five children.  He truly is a home body with a love for children.

While growing up in Rochester, NY, Valby attended Catholic schools.  It is there that Sisters Edwina and Mary Leo taught him how to play the piano.   "Sister Mary Leo left the order," reports Valby.

He then went on to Middlebury College in Vermont and later did some graduate work in Philosophy at Duke University in Durham, NC.

The Military:
After Valby dropped out of graduate school he no longer has his student deferment so he was drafted.  Fortunately he spent his Army years in Fort Hood, TX.  Valby says he wasn't sent to Vietnam because a superior officer liked him.

Valby is an avid hockey and basketball player (Non-contact - he's getting old).   He also likes to watch football on TV.  In fact, he is reluctant to accept a job for Monday nights because he doesn't like to miss Monday Night Football. (P.S. Sundays too!)

Other Stuff:
Valby likes vanilla ice cream but if you ask him if he likes asparagus he will want to know if he could "put cheese sauce on that?"

Besides being a television sports nut he insists on watching the local and national news every night.

A devout reader with a great mind, he reads something once and it's going to become a limerick!

For over 25 years, John Valby has played night clubs and concert halls throughout the United States leaving a trail of laughs along the way. Known as the infamous "Dr. Dirty", John sings and plays the piano with tremendous versatility and skill in addition to making his audience crack up and fall down laughing through his entire show. John Valby is the most requested comedian on XM Radio and is getting more popular day by day. A guaranteed laugh getter for your party or just relaxing with a few beers and some Dr. Dirty tunes will make your day every time.



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