Milton Berle was one of the founders of the California Friars Club in 1959 and was always called on to be the "Roastmaster" at the fund raising Friars Club events. These recordings were done in the mid 80s at the height of these popular "stag" roasts. Traditionally, women were not allowed to attend because of the "explicit" language. The Roast events were a place for men to gather, let their hair down, and have a gut busting good time watching as their favorite stars got ripped apart by some of the funniest men on the planet. This compilation of Roasts were taken from some of the other Roasts that are listed in our Roast CD section. This CD contains very explicit language and may be offensive to some people. - $14.99


Track Listings:

1. Milton Berle roasts Movie Star

2. Slappy White roasts Henny Youngman

3. Norm Crosby roasts Rich Little

4. Pat McCormick roasts Rich Little

5. Pat Buttram roasts Rich Little

6. Rich Little roasts the Roasters

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