Johnny Brennan, creator of The Jerky Boys will record a voicemail in his infamous character "Frank Rizzo" for your personal phone.

As an example: "Hey Numbnuts, you have reached the home of Brad and Jennifer, they can't come to the phone right now because their busy getting a, please leave your name and number at the sound of the tone and Brad and Jennifer will call you back when they are why don't you go ahead and stick the phone up your ass!"

Please email us with your "script" and Johnny will record it exactly as you write it. The voicemail will be emailed directly into your email account within seven days. When writing your "script" make sure you include your name and email address. After you write your script, just click on the PayPal button to make your payment. You will be charged $10.99 for the voicemail and $4.00 for shipping for a total of $14.99.

If you wish to pay by money order click here - or click on the PayPal button to pay by credit card. PayPal accepts all major credit cards and is extremely safe to use.