From 1968 this CD was a huge success for Pat Paulsen. This 21 track CD contains some halarious comedy for your enjoyment.

Track Listings:

1. Meet The Candidate

2. Two Cows

3. Soldiers' Lament

4. Freedom To Censor

5. I Will Not Run

6. I Will Not Serve

7. The Critics Attack

8. Counter-Attack

9. Slip Of The Tongue

10. Formal Announcement

11. In Your gourd, You Know He's Good

12. The Bandwagon

13. Humble Beginnings

14. The Age Of Reason

15. Ruthless Denial

16. Big Shot

17. Victory Rally

18. Meet The Prez

19. Questions and Evasions

20. Messing Around

21. The Simple Savior

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