Justin Wilson was a kindly man who always had a good word, a good story, and a good time. Very funny guy.


Track Listings:

1. Introduction & Difinition Of A Cajun

2. A Cajun Hunter Who Couldn't Spell

3. The High Jumping Bear Hunter

4. Stubborn Pointer

5. Sure Cure For A Sick Mule

6. Insistant Pointer

7. A Retreiver That Couldn't Swim

8. A Chicken Hawk Gumbo

9. A Dog's Reaction To Teen Age Dancers

10. Abundant Squirrels And A Super Rabbit

11. The Crack Shot Guide

12. A Lamb Who Thought He Was A Dog

13. A New Month

14. Four Duck Hunters Over The Limit

15. A Youth Who Hunted Squirrels With A Handicap

16. Encouraging Remarks About Ducks Unlimited

17. Closing

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