This out of print album has been converted to CD by one of our many comedy collector's and is available to others. This classic Dave Gardner album is brilliantly funny with over 36 minutes of laughs.


Brother Dave Gardner

June 11, 1926 - September 22, 1983

A Will Rogers for the 60's, Brother Dave Gardner drawled topical ironies. On the space race: "The only reason the Russians are apparently ahead of us in scientific developemnt is 'cause they want to get out of their country a whole lot worse than us." Gardner's philosophies differed slightly from Will's "I never met a man I didn't like." His point of view: "Love your enemies -- and drive 'em nuts."

Born in Tennessee and a student at that state's Union University in Jackson, Gardner originally favored anecdotes (like "The Motorcycle Story") which were more in keeping with Southern tradition. It was after he started injecting topical comedy into his act in the late 50's that he crossed over to appearances on Jack Paar's "Tonight Show" and began making records for RCA Victor. Though he had some of Will Rogers' folksiness, ex-drummer Gardner added 50's hipster slang and developed a catch-phrase for expressing his amusement: "Ain't that weird?"

Colorful and uncompromising, Brother Dave got into some troubles including a bust for pills in the early 60's (he got out of that one by producing a doctor's prescription) and a long fight with the I.R.S. in the 70's (in philosophical protest, he refused to pay taxes). Gardner's national popularity dwindled in the late 60's and 70's, though his regional appeal remained strong.

The 80's began with tragedy -- the death of Millie Gardner, his wife and manager. But the new interest in stand-up, and the rise of "concert" movies with Richard Pryor and others brought offers for Gardner's services. He was a minor legend, the only Southern comedian with a reputation for biting commentary. Producer Earl Owensby filmed "Brother Dave in Concert" and planned to follow it with "Chain Gang," starring Gardner. One day on the set in South Carolina, pausing to sign autographs, Brother Dave suddenly collapsed. He was dead at age 57.

Track Listings:

1. Side A - 20:54

2. Side B - 15:20

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