The best of Pat's four hilarious albums featuring "An Italian Wedding" and other Pat Cooper classics.


Track Listings:

1. New Introduction by Pat Cooper


a: Everyone Is Equal

b: In My Neighborhood

c: When I Was A Kid

d: The Italian Wedding


a: The Honeymoon

b: My Father and his Friends

c: The More You Make, The More You Spend

From Pat Cooper's Album "Spaghetti Sauce & Other Delights"

4. New Introduction by Pat Cooper

5. Selected cuts from the album originally recorded at Carnegie Hall in New York.

From Pat Cooper's album "You Don't Have To Be Italian To Like Pat Cooper"

6. New Introduction by Pat Cooper

7. Honeymoon

8. Our children

9. Mama

From Pat Cooper's album "More Saucy Stories"

10. New Introduction by Pat Cooper

11. Family & Holidays

12. Memories

13. Draft Time

14. Concluding remarks by Pat Cooper

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