Now available on CD, this fabulous collection of songs for children and adults alike makes for a great gift for that special person.

Track Listings:

1. Overture- Aesop's Fables Our Way

2. The Greedy Dog

3. A Fox (Maybe I'd Better Stay Me)

4. The Boy Who Cried Wolf

5. A Fly (Maybe I'd Better Stay Me)

6. The Dog and The Thief

7. A Worm (Maybe I'd Better Stay Me)

8. The Farmer and His Sons

9. The Fox and The Grapes

10. A Jellyfish (Maybe I'd Better Stay Me)

11. The bird And The Jar

12. A Mosquito (Maybe I'd Better Stay Me)

13. The Two Frogs

14. A Car (Maybe I'd Better Stay Me)

15. Aesop Knew (Reprise)

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